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IMAGE: Individualized high-end art paper brand

Breaking through the traditional papermaking process and technology, Diversified products, perfect color expression, highly artistic atmosphere, good choice for famous brands and commercial organizations.
Including varieties:Touch paper ,leatherette papers,special fine papers ,Loess papers ,hot brabder paper, image skin .

PURE :mainstream fancy paper

The symbol of high-quality fine paper, the brand represents the most typical characteristics that can be called fine paper, excellent texture, harmonious color, all made of pure wood pulp, superb papermaking process to ensure perfect paper quality, able Adapt to the various requirements of customers in design and application.
Including varieties: Vientiane series (inclusive lichee, seem linen, skin, inclusive wheat, beauty), Oxford series (creative paper, cover paper), inspiration series (base, leather, pearl), other pearl series.

WINGOOD :Economic pacakge fancy paper brand
Economical paper brand for product packaging ,with stable quality, bright color, fashionable texture and economical price.
Including varieties: super bright shining leather series ,shining leather paper ,popular pearl ,leather paper ,rough leather etc.


HYSTAR:Fashionable fancy paper brand

The common characteristics of paper under this brand are fashion style beautiful color on paper surface, rich texture, and changing pearl light. They have different artistic effects, which attract people's attention ,Can be used on various product packaging, fashion album cover and other purposes.
Including varieties: Luxe ,star rain ,fine rain ,super star,star space ,glitter star,elegant flower ,shining star .etc. 

EVERGREEN  :Classic & popular fancy paper brand
EVERGREEN brand is a comprehensive base of classic pop fine paper. Its stable quality, moderate price and wide applicability make it the most widely used paper group.
Including varieties: RL white card, Lofty white card, Jingli white card, S&S color card, Etc.


VANGUARD  :Brand for Luxuries Package and high-end cover paper

The brand's products provide a perfect packaging paper solution for luxury goods, collectibles and hardcover books with its solemn and elegant visual sense, excellent hand feeling and soft and folding characteristics.
Including varieties:Ruby series(Ruby metallic leather ,ruby bright leather,PU leather) ,kevell touch ,kevell leather ,pearl ,leather etc .