Recruiting Numbers


Marketing Director of Yuesheng Group


1. At least 3 years of experience as a regional manager in a large paper company; 2. Having keen market insight and excellent predictive and decision-making abilities; 3. Having good communication skills, sales ideas, and negotiation skills; 4. Proactive, with good leadership and teamwork spirit, excellent personal learning ability, and the ability and execution to lead a learning team; 5. Formulate Marketing plan according to the company's strategic objectives, and plan the company's marketing plan; 6. Has the ability to explore and innovate, and can withstand significant work pressure.

Yuesheng Culture Market Manager


1. College degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, or new media related fields; 2. Familiar with new media operation and promotion, familiar with various private and public domain traffic; 3. More than five years of experience in marketing, Brand management and other related positions in the consumer goods industry, with deep insights into the promotion of the consumer goods industry.

Stationery and Paper Products Manager


1. Under the age of 40, with a bachelor's degree or above; 2. Familiar with the production process of stationery and art paper products; 3. Having systematic thinking and good communication and coordination skills, strong team management and leadership skills; 4. Having a strong sense of planning, innovation, and detail management, familiar with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management systems and relevant requirements for overseas business inspection.



1. Under the age of 40, with normal vision and no color blindness, good health, and no bad habits; 2. Skilled in color matching and matching, with experience in dyeing in textile mills and color matching in paper products is preferred; 3. Understood teamwork, obeyed arrangements, hardworking, and motivated.

Paper and Pulp Engineer


1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in paper and pulp making, light chemical engineering, etc; 2. Familiar with pulp and paper making technology; 3. Proficient in office and other office software; 4. Responsible, hardworking, and able to adapt to job rotation and shift work during the study period.

International Procurement and General Assistant


1. Male/female unlimited, English CET-6 or above, fluent in listening, reading, speaking, and writing; 2. At least 3 years of work experience in foreign trade procurement, familiar with import and export trade processes; 3. Clear thinking, strong business communication and negotiation skills, enthusiastic and decisive work, bold and meticulous, strong execution ability, and high efficiency; 4. Pragmatic and proactive, with strong team spirit, able to withstand strong work pressure; 5. This position requires work experience in the paper products industry.

Marketing Department Promotion Assistant


1. Sample production plan and follow-up; 2. Conduct sample management work; 3. Handle daily work and tasks assigned by superiors, with a C1 driver's license (familiar with manual transmission); 4. Experience in printing and packaging processing is preferred.

Java Engineer


1. Complete the development tasks of the corresponding module software according to the development progress and task allocation; 2. Cooperate with and participate in the design and development of application functions for the project; 3. Participate in project requirement analysis, module design and development; 4. Analyze and solve problems in the Software development process; 5. Be able to complete project development, maintenance and version iteration; 6. Excellent teamwork spirit, diligent and responsible in work, proactive and outgoing, with a spirit of continuous learning and progress.








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