image ® Chinese element imitation promotion

Product Usage It is suitable for calligraphy and painting paper, Démarche, historical archives, tea packaging, art albums, appreciation albums, national style albums (ink painting, pastoral, ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River), calligraphy works, art trademarks, etc Suitable Craftsmanship  

image ® Impression on environmental protection

Environmentally friendly art paper certified by FSC Forest, high-quality recycled wood pulp, uncoated surface, elegant and simple color, with a strong texture.

image ® Civic Borui

The unique manufacturing process presents a blanket texture on the surface, with infinite design possibilities. It uses high-quality 100% pure wood pulp, and the paper is flexible and firm. At the same time, it has excellent printing color reproduction and expressive power.

pure ® Hyacinth series

High quality artistic patterned paper, with a perfect combination of rich and classic patterns and elegant colors, endows the paper with strong artistic expression. The complete weight is the perfect choice for customers in all artistic patterned paper products.

Yongcui ® Premium quality

At present, the most cost-effective art white card on the market has a comfortable and elegant paper color, a delicate and flexible surface, and excellent printing adaptability, which can bring an excellent emotional experience.

Pure ® New color

With the color reproduction degree that others can not reach, the unique texture and feel brought by the higher loose thickness can bloom the most gorgeous color and the most realistic effect, and the color is so excellent and amazing.

Coagulation ® Yingcai

The light colored surface is as sparkling as pearls, with a smooth and silky feel, and the printing effect is simple, beautiful, and elegant; The colorful surface is rich in layers, with full and sparkling pearly colors that achieve the best combination with paper colors.

Fengge ® New Kevis

The smooth surface treatment, combined with subtle and delicate textures, makes the paper as delicate as grease. At the same time, the paper has excellent quality and good processing performance, which can achieve infinite creativity in design.
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